Inform Us About a Defibrillator

In July 2014, the Minister for Health launched the Community Resuscitation Strategy.

The Vision for the strategy is to improve survival rates for those who suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

To help realise this vision it is important that Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are readily available ad easily accessible.

The ambulance service is key to ensuring that defibrillators are accessible at the earliest opportunity. To assist us in this task we are in the process of compiling a database which will inform us of the location of each AED. When a 999 call is received at ambulance control, and if appropriate to the call received, we will then be in a position to provide information on the location of the nearest AED.

At the time of the call NIAS control staff will ensure that CPR will have commenced and that there is enough support at the scene before asking anyone to leave the patient to fetch an AED.

NIAS would be grateful, if you have responsibility for an AED, if you would complete the form below and submit at your earliest opportunity to enable us to register the details on our systems.