Automated External Defibrillators

Chain of SurvivalChain of Survival

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service is committed to increasing the number of people who survive an Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA).  To help us strengthen the Chain of Survival it is important that we know where Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are located and that they are in good working order and ‘emergency ready’.

If you are the Co-ordinator/Owner/Guardian of an AED (also called a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD), it is important that you register it with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.  The information you give will be used by our Ambulance Control Centre when they receive a 999 call for a cardiac arrest.  Using the information you have provided, our staff will signpost the caller to the nearest AED.  This will help to increase the chance of survival of the person having the cardiac arrest.

At the time of the call, Control Centre Staff will ensure that Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) can be commenced and once ongoing will advise of the AED location for another person to acquire.  This is in line with the Chain of Survival, ensuring that chest compressions are being carried out while an AED is being located if available.

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