Below is a selection of the compliments received by members of the public in the last month.

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“We were delighted with the excellent care she received on the beach, en route to the hospital and getting into A & E in the Ulster hospital. Please pass on our grateful thanks.”
“Pass on my gratitude to the paramedic who responded to my dad.”
“Pass on my thanks to the guys concerned for their efficient and speedy way they dealt with myself. I had very little time to wait on both of them. These days the Ambulance Service gets so much bad press I just wanted to let them and their bosses know what a fab job they do and t pass on my thanks.”
“The paramedics were professional, caring and efficient. This meant so much to us as my husband is quite ill. Please extend our thanks to them.”
“A woman on her tour bus took an epileptic fit and she would just like to say how amazing the ambulance crew were.”
“Reassuring, professional, very attentive and sensitive to her needs and concerns. He could not have been kinder and stayed with her until more personnel were able to come and assist her to hospital. In the interim he gave pain relief, ensuring it was adequate and helped to carefully reposition her with her fractured arm correctly splinted.”
“Their sympathetic attitude, their courtesy and their efficient professionalism could not be excelled. Their action prevented my wife having to spend the night in A & E and no doubt saved the time and energy of doctors and nurses in the busy department who would probably given exactly the same treatment.”
“Just a huge thank you and I am without a doubt grateful of both your helps and I am now home and safe and hugely thankful of yourselves and the whole NI Ambulance Service. I was brought in with huge anxiety and it’s a day I will not forget and time to change my lifestyle.”
“They were so professional, compassionate and ensured dignity at all times. I cannot speak highly enough of the paramedics and I am so thankful for what they did for me. Furthermore, they went above and beyond their duty and called to see how I was, was very much appreciated. My sister and husband also thought the paramedics were superb.”
“May I take this opportunity to thank the ambulance personnel who came to my assistance and got me to Ulster Hospital. From the first person who took my call to the first responder who was at my house within minutes to stabilise me, to the crew who attended me on route and got me quickly to hospital. My family and I will always be indebted to them and their professionalism and in a time when our Health Services is under severe pressure it is a credit to the Southern Area Health Service to have such dedicated people in your employment.”