Data Protection

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service endorses fully the statements and the intent of the Data Protection Act (1998). The Data Protection principles contained in the Act are designed to protect the rights of the individual.

We will keep your personal data safe and secure. We will not share it with other organisations without your knowledge, unless we are required by law to do so.

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service as a data controller required to notify The Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act 1998. Our registration number is Z5545963 (Expiry Date – 16 August 2010) and you can view a copy of our register entry at or by appointment at Ambulance Headquarters.

What is the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)?

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives individuals certain rights regarding information held about them. It places obligations on those who process information (data controllers) while giving rights to those who are the subject of that data (data subjects) .

As a data subject you have the right of access to the personal data held about you by the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service on a computer and in any structured/unstructured manual paper files.

Personal information covers both facts and opinions about the individual.

You may obtain copies of your personal data and you have the right to have any inaccuracies erased or corrected. In special circumstances, you may have the right to compensation for inaccuracies, loss or destruction and unauthorised disclosure.

Legal Definitions

Personal Data is all information, both computerised and manual about a living person, including opinions and intentions recorded about them.

Data Subject is the person who is the subject of personal data, for example, a patient.

Data Controller is the organisation who holds and controls the content and use of personal data, for example, the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.

Source is where you take the data from both you enter it onto a computer or filing system.

Disclosure or recipient is the organisation or person you give data to.